DIY Coffee Recipe

How to Make the Perfect Brew with a DIY Coffee Recipe!

Many people go to coffee shops just to hang around with friends but an equally large number are there to have a good cup of coffee. There is no reason, though, why you can’t have as good a cup without leaving your own place because, armed with a DIY coffee recipe, it is quite possible to enjoy the perfect brew from your own kitchen.

Know What you Want

In order to have a really good experience with making your own coffee, you need to know exactly what you want. With the world’s growing fondness for fancy coffee, and the availability of different varieties of the bean from different parts of the globe, it has become necessary to decide exactly what blend and variety you want.

Know the details about the pack you will be putting into your coffee maker. This means knowing details like the variety of coffee tree and what country or region the coffee came from. It is also important to decide if you want your beans ground fine, and how well roasted you want them to be.

Tips and Techniques for a Perfect Brew

Here are some tips and techniques for you to apply so that the beverage you get from your DIY coffee recipe will taste as good as the one you get from the best coffee shops.

Measure accurately

Read the instructions for brewing you beans and compute the quantities correctly. Remember, that the usual drip coffee maker pot is designed to make only 6 cups of coffee.

Always keep your equipment clean

Make sure you clean your coffee maker at least once a month to remove water scales, coffee oils, and other residues that will affect the quality of your brew. Just run a water and vinegar mix through the coffee maker once, and then follow through by running plain water at least twice. Some people have found denture tablets and baking soda just as effective, but always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Get the freshest beans possible

The fresher the beans, the better your coffee will be. Conversely, the longer your ground coffee sits around, the less flavourful your brewed coffee will be. If you want good coffee, always buy freshly roasted coffee and have it ground for you. To make sure you don’t get stuck with old coffee, do not buy more than what you can consume in a week (or two at the most).

Pay attention to water temperature and quality.

To make the best coffee, keep the temperature of your water at 190 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit when it hits your coffee grounds. You may want to put a little hot water to start your coffee-maker off, since most coffee-makers cannot reach this temperature when they start with cold water. If your water is not hot enough, you will end up with weak tasting coffee, but if it is too dry, your coffee will taste bitter.
If your coffee maker consistently turns out bitter coffee, that could be because it is too hot. Try wetting the coffee grounds with about a fourth of a cup of cold water. This will prevent the coffee grounds from being burned, and will allow a more gradual infusion.

Get the right coffee-maker in the right size.

expensive coffee-maker
You don’t need the most expensive restaurant grade machine for great coffee

Don’t assume that the most expensive coffee-maker is the best one for you. It is important that you get a coffee-maker that is just the right size for your needs. Find out what the coffee-maker’s capacity is for heating water, and how consistently it will hold temperature. Do a little research before you make a purchase.

A DIY coffee recipe can work really well if you apply the tips and techniques discussed here. Then you will be able to enjoy mug after mug of delicious coffee – even when you are still in pyjamas.